How to buy shoes for kids

                                                               How to buy shoes for kids

This is the exciting time of the year. Some parents have the chance to repeat what they have been doing for a long time now, and others are excited to take their kids to school for the first time. However, we are all faced with the same dilemma. How do we buy comfortable shoes for our children? In the age where being “a la mode” trumps good quality and comfortable footwear, we find ourselves crossing our fingers hoping that our children will not come back home from school complaining of foot pain. But don’t worry! There are a few ways to escape that situation without breaking your child’s heart or your wallet:

              1) Get your child measured for proper shoe size. Shoes that are too long predispose the child

to preventable falls that can cause severe injuries while shoes that are too stringent may cause child’s toes to be, constantly, pressed against shoes leading to ingrown nail (s), corns, calluses, and even bunions.

               2) Once exact shoe size is determined, add ½ an inch to the size. For example, if the shoe  

Size is 8, buy 8 1/2.   Doing so gives the child’s toes enough room to relax instead of constantly being pushed against the shoes.  

3) Before buying sneakers, look inside to make sure an arch is present. Sneakers with arch provide support and are ideal to prevent certain foot pain.

4) Fold the sneakers and note the flexibility. Sneakers that bend easily at the arch will not support your child’s foot.

5) If after following all these steps, your child is not happy with your (parent) selection, that’s ok. He/She will, hopefully, thank you one day for taking such great care of his/her feet. Or, if you really want to please your child, you can buy the pair of shoes that he/she wants, even if they do not provide the proper support with the condition of obtaining a good pair of inserts. You can obtain a good pair of inserts from your local Foot Doctor’s office without breaking your wallet. Be cautious with inserts you find in stores. They usually do not have the necessary arch support.

6) If your anxiety level is still high, let your child be seen by a local podiatrist with training and experience in caring for children. The podiatrist will measure the child’s feet, recommend what shoe size to buy, and educate you and your child on the importance of wearing proper shoes, even if it means not following popular trends.                  

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