Bunion is the common term to describe a foot deformity that causes the 1st metatarsal to shift inward and the the big toe inward. The deformity is usually painful and, if left untreated, can lead to arthritis. the cause of the the deformity  is not the same for everybody. It requires a thorough examination by your surgeon in order the determine what are the procedures that need to be done to correct the problem.
I should mention also that surgery is sometimes not the first line of care for bunions. Orthotics, wider shoe, and more, can be recommended by your surgeon to bring relief to the pain. But one the deformity is present, surgery is the only intervention that can restore the appearance of the foot.
Before any surgery is contemplated, the deforming force must be identified and should be part of the surgical planning.  When bunion surgery is done without correcting the cause, down the road, patients sometimes complain of recurrence.
Not all bunions are the same, even though all have some resemblance. Therefore, the chosen procedure(s) should be tailored from the result of a good biomechanical examination.
It is reprehensible to decide on a procedure without examining the patient. Bunions, sometimes, can be sign of a bigger foot deformity.Please leave your comments or questions, and I will be happy to follow up with you.Dr. Job Timeny
Fellowship trained
in Limb Lengthening and Limb Deformity Correction
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